Helping adults in New Jersey with their Anxiety, Anger, Trauma, and Self-image


Anxiety can take many forms and while irritating for some, can be crippling for others.  I can help you manage your experience of anxiety so you can master it and no longer be oppressed by it. Stress is inevitable and not necessarily harmful.  It's how we manage stress that determines its impact.  Maybe you tried Meditation and it "didn't work for" you.  Your friends tell you to try Yoga but you "don't have time" or you're "not flexible."  I can help you identify the best tools to manage your stress, and who knows?  Meditation and Yoga may become your best friends.  Call for a free consult and let's work together and on a plan to help you master your stress and anxiety.


A lot of clients tell me “I need anger management.”  It doesn’t take long to discover that their anger is the result of past hurts and injustices.  Not all anger is wrong or misplaced.  Healing means coming to a place where anger is a tool you use in an effective way, and no longer a force that consumes you.  Rather than trying to get rid of anger, I work with clients to discover where the anger comes from.  It’s often easier for people to live with anger, than with feelings of helplessness resulting from being abused or neglected as a child, living with racial, gender, or cultural injustices, being victimized by sexual assault or harassment, or simply a lifetime of feeling like no one is listening.  I’m listening.  I can help you visit those hurting places and apply compassion, kindness, and understanding to that wound.  As old wounds heal, anger releases, and peace takes its place. 

Sleep Problems

Are you lying awake at night, tossing and turning, your mind swirling with distressing thoughts, like a hamster on a wheel?  Do you go to sleep at night, only to wake up at 3 am, unable to fall back to sleep?  Did your doctor prescribe an anti-anxiety medication like a Benzodiazepine, or a sleep medication, either prescription or OTC, and you find it becoming less effective and needing to take more?  Do you dread going to bed at night, expecting another restless night? 

Sleep problems are often the result of learned behavior and thoughts.  The good news is, with training and practice, they can be unlearned.  For example, you may fear that losing a night’s sleep will result in poor performance the next day at work, and this can keep you tossing and turning all night!  In fact, for many people with chronic insomnia, the result of a sleepless night is more likely to be a cranky mood, rather than a loss of concentration or poor performance.  Our thoughts are powerful influencers of our ability to sleep at night.  I can work with you to develop new patterns of thought and behaviors that will result in improved sleep.

Trauma, Abuse, Gender & Racial Injustice

Trauma, whether from deliberate acts of violence, or a lifetime of living "on the defensive" due to an unsafe or invalidating environment, can have lifelong negative effects on mental, emotional, physical, and sexual functioning. Being “on guard” and never feeling safe can result in health and sleep issues and negative behaviors like substance abuse and self-injury. Even in the midst of injustice and turmoil, trauma can be addressed and peace can be found. Let's work together to find safety and inner peace for you.

I offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and all my work is online, which means you never have to worry about commuting or child care - you get to have sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Because my practice is online, I can see clients residing anywhere in NJ.

I look forward to starting this new journey together.