Welcome!  My name is Carolynne "Lina" Lewis-Arévalo and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Telehealth Provider serving adults who are struggling with anxiety, worry, fear, trauma, shame, and self-image.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  After 15 years of raising two children on my own while working  full-time as a secretary, I decided it was time for ME

I enrolled in community college at night, taking one class at a time because I was so afraid of failure.  It took me four years to complete my Associates Degree in Psychology, and those four years transformed my life.  I learned to believe in and like myself.  I learned that the only limits were those I imposed on myself.  During that time, I trained as a volunteer with an agency that provided services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and would respond to calls at night to meet victims at the hospital or police station.

For this former high school dropout, these events had a huge impact.

I went on to complete my BA in Psychology and gave the commencement address that year for my graduating class.  During graduate school, I was able to publish a first-authored paper in an academic journal and do a study abroad - my first time living outside the US. 


My own experience showed me that Transformation is Possible.  Now, I love helping people understand how they too can break free from feeling hindered by events of their past and how they no longer need to let those events define them. 

How we have been treated in the past is not Who We Are!

The idea of seeing a counselor/therapist can seem scary for some people, especially if you have a difficult time trusting a stranger with your private thoughts and emotions.  This can be especially challenging when you have tried therapy before and felt you didn't connect with your therapist.

(See my blog post about bad therapy experiences!) 

Give me a chance.  I am passionate about putting people at ease and helping them to reclaim their Best Selves.

Check out my Blog post on why you should ask for an initial consultation with a therapist.  I would love to help you silence the Inner Critic and find emotional Freedom, as I did.  Please  call, email, or click to my Scheduler to arrange your free consultation.