Counseling for Resilience

Get The Life You Really Want

Many people appear successful on the outside, but on the inside feel riddled with doubt and shame. Do you ever find yourself thinking: "If they really knew about me, they wouldn't want me as their professor, doctor, friend, spouse"? Traumas such as child abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, poverty, racism, or domestic violence can strip a person of their confidence and belief in their value as a person and their right to their thoughts and feelings.

It's not enough to look successful on the outside.  You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, to be free of self doubt, to accept yourself as the wonderful, creative, loving person you are.  I help you understand the decisions you make, clarify your direction and purpose, and map out steps toward the life you really want. Whether your issues stem from early life trauma, racism, sexism, religious tradition, ineffective communication skills, poor coping, low self-esteem, etc, I can help you believe in yourself and find joy in your life again, or for the first time.


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