Counseling for Resilience

Virtual Online Therapy

Reclaim Your Authentic Self

You ought to be happy. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are! You’ve got a great job, you’re making pretty good money, on the outside, you’re a success. 


Still, despite all your hard work and accomplishments, it's hard to feel happy because you have so much self-doubt.


When things go right, you feel like an imposter who doesn’t deserve the success you’ve achieved. When things go wrong, those voices from the past show up to taunt you. You get frustrated because after all these years, it’s not fair that those old voices can still steal your joy. One negative thought leads to another and another, and soon, you’re in a swirling vortex of pain and self-doubt. You try to block it out, to numb the pain, but it’s still there, ready to poke at you when you let your guard down. 


You wish you could feel proud of all you have done. 


You wish you weren’t so plagued by self-doubt and worried that it will all fall apart or that no one would like you if they really knew you.

You wish you could be free to actually live your life in the present, to flourish as the creative, inventive soul that you know you are.

I’m Lina Lewis-Arévalo, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I’d love to work with you on that.


I follow a Wellness model of counseling, which is therapist-speak for helping you to feel your best, body, soul, and mind.  This is not about pretending the challenges aren’t real but rather, about finding a way over, under, or through them to a future that works for you. You will learn to shift your focus from what’s holding you back, to how to be your Authentic Self and build a Live Worth Living.

Our sessions will be held online via secure video, making it possible for you to see me from the privacy and convenience of your home, office, or car.

Call me or use the online scheduler to arrange your free consult.