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Have you ever found yourself saying or doing something, in frustration, anger, or fear, and afterward thought to yourself: “Why did I do/say that?! That’s not me!


For some of us, early life experiences (abuse, neglect, witnessing violence inside or outside the home, racism, feeling wrongly-gendered) have left us with sensitivities that can be triggered by situations or people, and we find ourselves lashing out at others or ourselves.

Afterward, we are left in confusion as to the source of our behavior, and may be plagued with self-doubt, shame, or depression. It can leave us feeling helpless.

Using Mindfulness-based therapies, we will work together to explore the roots of these triggers; the sensitive, hypervigilant “parts” that cause us to react in ways that seem inexplicable and out of character to our present-day selves. We will learn to identify and befriend our younger "parts" and recognize the roles they play in our lives. 

You deserve to have peace. You deserve to believe in yourself and like yourself. If you’re ready to get to work, call me to start finding your peace and reclaiming your joy.

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